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Driver database


How to download from the database
Please select a at least one parameter in the top row of options.

Only Diameter and Brand are known for all models. We recomend that you start by selecting one of these two parameters. Selecting other parameters will limit your search. For example, selecting all 12" + woofers, will mean you probably miss a number of 12", as some have not been categorized as woofers, som are chategorized as mid-woofers, some as musical instrument drivers and some have not been characterized at all. However, it is sufficient to select any one parameter on the first row. Example; you can select all Car drivers, and you will get a list of all drivers categorized ans Car. However, there may also be other car drivers, that we have not categorized. For unselected parameters all drivers of the type will be shown.

The following information can be found in the database. The available information varies from brand to brand. If a brand or model you are looking for is not here, it is probably because we have not had time to collect and enter it yet. If you are in contact with a manufacturer or supplier, please ask them to send us the information. We always want more!
BrandThe brand under which the speaker element is sold
ModelModel designation
DescriptionDescription of materials, design, construction etc
Range / typeSubwoofer, bass, mid-bass, mid, tweeter, driver, wide range, miniature, special, passive....
Typical usePA, HIFI, Car, outdoor, other....
Recomended enclosureType of box, closed, vented, typical volumes...
SeriesName of series
ManufacturerName of manufacturer
Order nrManufacturers order / stock number
Production statusPreviev, Active, Discontinued (+ month / year of information)
Nom. diamerer[inch]Nominal diameter (For tweeters, use membrane size )
Vas[Liters]Equivalent volume
QtsTotal Q-factor
QesElectrical Q-factor
QmsMechanical Q-factor
Fs[Hz]Resonance Frequency
Sensitivity[dB]SPL dB at 1W, 1m
Max Power[W]Maximum input power
Power definitionHow power is specified, norm, frequency, DIN, RMS, continous, peak etc
Lower freq[Hz]Lower usable limit
Upper freq[Hz]Upper usable limit
Rec. Filter freq[Hz]Recommended frequency, steepness of filter
xmax[mm]Max excursion from center at normal operation
Moving mass[g]Weight of moving parts
Disp area[m2]SD, Effective piston area of cone
Disp Vol[cm3]Displaced volume = xmax * 2 * SD
xdamage[mm]Extreme excursion length causing damage
Air gap[mm]Height of air gap
Coil height[mm]Height of voice coil
Coil diameter[mm]Diameter of the voice coil
Cms[mm/N]The stiffness of the drivers suspension
Rms[N*s/m]The losses due to the suspension
Magnet weight[gr]Weight of the magnet
Magnet height[mm]Height of the magnet
Magnet diameter[mm]Magnet diameter
Magnet material-Material the magnet is made of
Re[ohm]DC resistance
Z[ohm]Impedance of coil
L[mH]Inductance of coil
Bl[Tm]Magnetic strenth
Magnetic flux[Wb]Magnetic flux
Flux density[T]Magnetic flux density
Outer diam.[mm]Total outer diameter / width
Bolt circle[mm]Bolt circle diameter
Nr of bolts[Nr]Number of bolts
Cutout[mm]Cut out diameter / hole size
Weight[Kg]Net weight of complete driver
Height[mm]Height of driver, if different from diameter / width
Depth[mm]Depth behind mounting plane
Driver volume[Liters]Volume displaced in the box by driver
Frequency SPL / ZF [Hz], SPL [dB], Acc. phase[deg], Imp [Ohms], El. phase [deg] (per row)
Home page[URL]Link to manufaturer's site
Data sheet[URL}Link to manufaturer's data sheet
Enterd byYour own name (optional)
Date reviewed
Date added

Loudspeaker drivers of the following brands can be found in our database:
Acousto Pro, Adire Audio, Airborne, Alpine, Altec Lansing, ATC, Atomic, Audax, Audes, Audio Technology, Audio-Concepts, Aura, Babb, Bandor, BBC, BC, Beyma, BM Audio Labs, Boston Acoustic, Bully, Bumper, Cabasse, Cadence, Car, Car Power , Carbonneau, Celestion, Cerwin-Vega, CMX, Conrad Electronik, CPA, Craaft, Credence, Crunch, D.A.S., Davis, Dayton, Dynabel, Dynaudio, Earthquake, EAW, Eighteen Sound, Electro Voice, Elemental Designs, Eminence, ESX , Eton, Fane, Focal, Fostex, Gauss, Gold Sound, Hifonics, Hiquphon, Infinity, Isophon, JBL, Jensen, JL Audio, KEF, Kenwood, Kicker, Lightning Audio, Logic, Lowther, LPG, MacAudio, Madisound, Magnat , McCauley, MCM, MDS, Mivoc, Mobile Athority, Monacor, Morel, MTX, NHT, Orion, ORIS Electonics, Panasonic, P-Audio, Peavey, Peerless, Petras, Philips, Phillips, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Planet Audio, Precision, Precision Devices, Pyle, Pyramid, Radian, Raveland, Ravemaster, RCF, RL Acoustique, Rockford, Rockford-Fosgate, Scan-Speak, Seas, Selenium, Sica, Sinus, Sonicraft, Sony, SoundStorm, Soundstream, Speakerlab, SPL, Stage Audio, Stillwater, Stryke Audio, Supravox, Swan, TAD, Tang Band, Tannoy, TC Sounds, Techno Voice, Tekton, Thiel, Thruster, Thump, Ultimate, Vieta, VIFA, Visaton, Volt, Westra, Yamaha, Zachry, Zomax,
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